MDF Specialty Doors

Millennium Door offers a wide variety of Specialty products. With a variety of clear and obscure glass options, marking board doors, and bifold doors in many design elevations, this MDF product can offer a product perfect to set your property apart from the next while maximizing functionality.

Textured Glass Doors

One-piece tempered glass available in Obscure, Rain or Reed pattern adds high level of privacy and modern appeal, making them the perfect choice for any interior application. Clear tempered, white laminated, P516 obscure, reed, and rain glass available to replace any square panel in Infinity raised molding or Ovation with your choice of sticking.

White Laminated Glass Doors

White laminated glass is constructed with a PVB plastic interlayer between 2 sheets of glass to form one single, opaque, impact resistant sheet. Laminated glass has a sound control rating of STC 34, effectively blocking out unwanted noise. It screens out harmful ultraviolet light. There is a reduced risk of shattering or penetration – glass particles cling to vinyl interlayer increasing security and peace of mind. Both sides are smooth for easy clean up. Doors are factory primed for easy painting.

Mirror Doors

Available in double sided or split design, mirror options are available in Infinity, Ovation and Encore. Perfect for bathrooms, closets and dressing rooms, Infinity door designs on one side can be backed with mirrors that have a raised molding. This same “split design” can be done with Encore router carved doors but with an inset, flush mirror. In Ovation, “split designs” are available with flat panel construction and the mirror can also have a soft arch or eyebrow detail at the top and your choice of sticking. Mirror door option is not available in Bravo.

Chalkboard and Dry-Erase Doors

The Millennium Collection offers magnetic chalkboard and dry erase options in their Ovation and Encore lines. Just as with Millennium’s split door mirror program, now a chalkboard/ dry erase can be on one side matched with any of over 140 standard designs or customized to match your project on the other side. Ovation construction allows even more design options by allowing arch or eyebrow panel design on the chalkboard/dry erase side. When coupled with sticking options, such as round, square or no sticking, you have design flexibility in a stile, rail and panel type application. For a traditional router carved application, chalkboard/dry erase are available in the Encore line. Available in solid core, Encore offers a lighter weight alternative with more raised panel designs available for split construction.

Louver Doors

Louver doors are available in Infinity with raised moldings and Ovation with a flush louver panel, perfect for bypass, pocket doors and to coordinate with craftsman designs. With their 2” reveal and cassette construction, which can be used in place of any square panel, louver doors can add a “tropical” design element to your project. Optional “true” or “false” louvers allow for air movement or privacy as required per plan.

Barn Doors

Popular barn style and other sliding door applications often require oversize door panel sizes. Millennium Door produces sliding style door panels in hundreds of designs. Available in 7/0 and 8/0 high and up to 4/0 in width. With barn door designs and contemporary styles, Millennium can provide all the options needed for this type of door. Specify doors with an optional wood top rail for top hanging door applications.

BiFold Doors

Bifold doors are ideal for use in smaller places such as closets, storage areas and laundry rooms. Infinity raised molding bifold doors have raised molding on the outside and flush molding on the inside for clearance. Bifold doors come boxed with hardware and top guide track. They have a wood top rail and heavy-duty hardware are standard. 3-1/2” x 3-1/2”-5/8” radius US15 hinges are used on all Millennium bifold doors.

Arch and Radius Top Doors

Available in Encore, Ovation and Infinity Doors. Arch Top and Radius Top Doors can be manufactured in single or matched-paired applications. Ask for detailed shop drawings for your special opening.

Updated on February 8, 2022

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