Internal Blinds

Enjoy the privacy and convenience of blinds without dangling cords or the hassle of dusting.

Protected between two panes of tempered glass for enhanced safety and performance, internal blinds are a kid- and pet-friendly choice.

You control the level of light and privacy with a simple handle that opens, closes and tilts the blinds.

Built-in privacy bars eliminate visibility into or out of your home, while helping to reduce sun glare.

The Operator

The operator is the piece that helps the blinds move up and down. There are two types of movements. A slight movement will tilt the blinds open and closed. A large movement will make the blinds raise and lower.

The operator runs along a track that is located next to the glass. The glass, therefore, is slightly offset to one side.

From the exterior, as seen in the door image on the left, the glass is shifted slightly to the right.

From the interior, as seen in the door image on the right, the glass is shifted slightly to the left.

Because the operator needs to move freely up and down uninhibited, it is not possible to attach SDLs to the door. The ends of the SDL bars are machined in a way to interact with either the lip lite around the glass or the edge of the door in the case of a flush-glazed door. If the bars were installed in this way, the operator would not be able to move up and down.


Below are three common issues and how to correct them.

If the blinds are uneven, raising and lowering the blinds several times usually corrects the issue.

If you are having issues raising and lowering the blinds, you may need to realign the track magnet. To do this, slide the operator along the entire length of the track; you will hear a click when the magnet realigns. To test if the magnet realigned properly, lower the operator to the bottom of the track and slowly raise it; the blinds should operate normally.

If the operator comes disengaged from the track, it needs to be reattached. Place the right outer edge in the track with the operator at an angle. Keep the edge in the track then rotate the operator towards the glass to lock the handle in the track.

Updated on July 19, 2021

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