Impact Rated Units

Many coastal areas of the United States have special building codes to make sure homes are built with safety in mind. Impact Products are designed to have a higher than normal ability to withstand wind borne debris. By assembling specific impact products in a specific way, the unit can be Impact Certified.

Impact Products

Impact glass features a special construction. The interior pane, which is tempered, will break into small pieces. The exterior pane, which is laminated, will help prevent debris from penetrating into the home. The Impact-rated glass will have a “LAMI” watermark on the glass. Impact lip-lite frames have an aluminum construction. Their attractive scrolled profiles gives a thin, sleek appearance and a screw channel cover helps hide unsightly screws.

Impact Doors features a built-in 24-gauge steel plate lining and has an “Impact” label on the hinge side of the door. This label should never be removed, painted or stained over. Impact-rated doors pass a large missile impact test where a 9 lb. 2” x 4” stud is blown into the doors at 34 mph. Due to the steel lining, the door cannot be cut to allow glass in this door. The door must be special ordered from Therma-Tru with the glass installed.

Rating Types

WBDR Impact

A Wind Borne Debris Regions (WBDR) Unit combines a Structural Door with Impact Glass. This unit can withstand wind forces up to 167 mph. With the exception of the Outer Banks, Reeb’s service area is located in the WBDR region which has the potential of lower grade hurricanes. Reeb is NOT able to label a WBDR unit.

HVHZ Impact

A High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) Unit combines an Impact Door with Impact Glass. This unit can withstand wind forces up to 175 mph. Areas that have extreme winds and hurricanes are in the HVHZ area, primarily SE Florida, parts of Texas, and the Outer Banks of NC. Reeb is NOT able to label a HVHZ unit, but does stock a few HVHZ rated Impact doors for additional security purposes on a home.

Updated on May 15, 2021

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