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No matter the style of your home, there is a door that matches the architectural style. Not only does this help your design flow throughout the home, but it can help create a lasting first impression.


This style, known for its refined design and symmetry, preserves the classic style of homes from America’s history. Colonial homes usually have two or three stories, fireplaces and brick or wood facades.

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Marked by asymmetry and textured exteriors, Victorian homes reflect the style of this grand period with elaborate detail. You likely have a Victorian if you have an edged roof, ornate gables or one or more wide porches with spindlework.

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Inspired by the provincial style of countryside estates, European-style homes feature rich details with steep roofs and subtly flared curves at the eaves. Homes of this style are often faced with stucco or stone.

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Showcasing the craft of building by hand, these homes emphasize the use of natural wood, stone and brick materials. Low pitched roof lines, tapered square columns and exposed rafters are typical of these “Arts and Crafts” beauties.

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With breezy spaces practical for warm climates, Southwest homes embody the exotic aesthetics of adobe homes. Look for stucco exteriors, stone accents and tile roofs to buffer the sun and heat.

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Coastal homes mix traditional details and clean lines for casual elegance. This style is about blending indoor and outdoor living with great views, and may be identified by ample windows or an abundance of porches that invite ocean breezes.

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Combining practicality with classic looks in almost any form, Traditional homes borrow elements from a variety of styles, without being easily classified as any particular one. If it looks like a straightforward family home and doesn’t fall into any categories above, it’s probably traditional.

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Modern-style homes fuse industrial concrete, vinyl and glass materials to create a stunning effect. Look for strong right angles, minimal box-like designs and asymmetrical exteriors.

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Updated on October 12, 2021

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