DP Rated Simpson Door Slabs

Design Pressure (DP) is a numerical value rating which defines the structural wind loading requirements for a building, and components or cladding of a building, described in pounds per square foot. Essentially Design Pressure represents the wind load the door system can withstand.

Below is a listing of doors with dowel pins and doors with a mortise and tenon that have been approved by Simpson to create a DP Rated unit.

Dowel Pin Door Slabs and Sidelites

Type Models (Door/Sidelite)
Opaque Doors F3010/F7701*; F4180/F7702*; F7130*/F7703; F7304*/F7705; F7306/F7326
Sash Doors F4040; F4152/F4051; F4155/F4052; F4222; F4224; F4226; ,F4230; F4242/F4223; F4244/F4225; F4452/F4051; F4455/F4052; F4655/F4665; F4670/F4675; F4804/F4066; F6490/F6493; F6492/F6493; F6532; F6801*/F6175*; F6803/F6175; F6821*/F6172, F6173*; F6823/F6172, F6173; F6841*/F6171, F6174*; F6843/F6171, F6174; F6861*/F6175; F6871*/F6172, F6173; F6881*/F6171, F6174; F6931/F6177, F6178; F6941/F6177, F6178; F7031; F7044*; F7132; F7134; F7212*/F7213*; F7214*/F7217*; F7216*/F7217; F7218*/F7219*; F7222*/F7213; F7224*/F7215*; F7226*/F7217; F7228*/F7219; F7501*/F7801*; F37504LE**; F37506LE**; F7508/F7804; F7512**/F7804; F7598*/F7599*; F7604**; F7614**; F7662**/F7663; F7860*/F7260*; F7944
Full Lite Doors F6422/F6423; F6464/F6465; F6470/F6471; F6552/F6543; F7002*/F7701; F7037
French Doors F7010/F7701LE*; F7012 ; F7015; F7018; F7109; F7155; F7592

*Stocked in 8/0 height; **Stocked in 8/0 with SDL Bars Applied

Mortise and Tenon Door Slabs

Type Models (Door/Sidelite)
Opaque Doors MH7130; NC77130
Sash Doors F77212; F77598; F77660; F77860; MH77506; BL77501; BL77684; NC77132; NC77212*; NC77501*; NC77506*; NC77662**
Full Lite Doors F77002; BL77002; BL77010; NC77002*
French Doors F77015; MH77015*; BL77015; NC77010; NC77015; NC77012; NC77018

*Stocked in 6/8 and 8/0 heights; **Stocked in 8/0 heights only

Updated on May 15, 2021

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