Barn Door Hardware

Barn Door Hardware is a track and hardware system. Barn door hardware is attached to a door and used with a track to create a sliding door. It consists of a hardware mount that rolls along a track attached to the face of the wall. There are two kinds of mounts: a top mount attaches to the top of the door, and a surface mount attaches to the side of the top of the door.

Reeb stocks a Standard Series, a Multi-Family (MP) Series, and a Stainless Steel Series. The standard hardware should always be offered first due to ball bearings, the ability to hold doors up to 400lbs and the powder coat finish. The MP Series has a thinner gauge hardware and is more similar to what box stores would carry as an import hardware set.

Barn Door Hardware adds an aesthetic look to a room while providing sliding functionality. This hardware is mainly used with a track to create a sliding door that divides two rooms. The finished opening depends on the configuration used. Please refer to the installation instructions for more information. All Finished openings can be found in the installation instructions for each hardware line.

To see pictures of barn door hardware in actions, please click here.

Updated on September 18, 2023

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