Ultimate Multi-point Astragal

Protect your home and eliminate traditional double-door performance challenges with the one of a kind Multi-Point Astragal. MPA delivers the sealing power of a multi-point lock without the multi-point price tag – multi-point functionality is built right into the astragal and even works with standard deadbolt packages for ultimate cost-efficiency. Plus, MPA automatically forms a custom seal against the sill cap, even if conditions aren’t perfect, saving time and eliminating costly service calls. Beyond delivering improved performance, MPA is easy to use, providing Enhanced Accessibility for a product homeowners will love.

Engaging the deadbolt activates built-in locking mechanism.

Built-in lock pawls engage with keepers in the active door.

Flip lever locks and unlocks the astragal in one easy motion.

Flush bolt and floating boot lift clear of the sill for damage-free operation.


  • In addition to the deadbolt, MPA features two additional locking points that are built right into the astragal and automatically engage when the door is locked to fight deflection. No need to buy an upgrade locking system in addition to the astragal – everything is included.
  • Patented spring-loaded Floating Boot and Flush Bolt operate independently, automatically sealing against the lowest point on the sill cap, even if the bolt hole isn’t drilled deep enough.
  • Astragal boot lifts clear of the sill when operating the inactive door panel, preventing rubbing, wear and damage common in other astragal products.
  • MPA features a built-in Flip Lever that locks and unlocks the astragal in one easy motion for Enhanced Accessibility and ultimate satisfaction.
  • Works With Standard Hardware. MPA works with most standard deadbolt packages for even more savings.
  • Pre-applied to every astragal, the Simple Solution Corner Pad works with the weatherstrip and enhances sealing power, even with wide margins.
  • Trimmable up to 7″ to fit any size entryway.

Reeb’s Stock

Reeb stocks the Ultimate Multi-Point Astragal in a bronze aluminum.

Updated on May 15, 2021

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