Transom Glass Options

Transoms are a great way to allow additional light into the home or building. There are different glass options available to complete the look and the options are based on the manufacturer of the transom.

Therma-Tru Transoms

Therma-Tru transoms are direct set and are available in a rectangular or elliptical shape. The glass can be decorative to match the glass in the door or clear. Not all glass options are available in rectangular or elliptical.

Clear Rectangular

Clear Elliptical

Crystalline with Black Nickel Caming

Blackstone with Brushed Nickel Caming

Wellesley with Brass Caming

Salinas with Wrought Iron

Simpson Transoms

Simpson transoms are sash set and available in a rectangular shape. The sash can be made of Fir or Mahogany and is available with a 1-, 3-, or 5-lite divided look.

1-lite Fir for any Configuration

3-lite Fir for Single Doors

5-lite Fir for Double Doors

5-lite Mahogany for Double Doors

RSP Transoms

RSP transoms are available in a rectangular, elliptical, or half round shape. There are two options to create divided lites with RSP transoms – 7/8″ white flat grilles between the glass (GBGs) or wood removablge grilles (RG). The hub, or semi circle on an elliptical transom will be open and allow light in with GBGs while it will be closed with RGs. The hub in half round transoms will be open no matter what divided bar is used.

1-lite for Single Doors

3-lite with GBGs for Single Doors

5-lite with GBGs for Double Doors

6-lite with GBGs for Double Doors

7-lite with GBGs for Sidelite Units or Double Doors

6-lite with RG for Sidelite Units or Double Doors

5-lite with GBGs for 4′ door units or smaller

5-lite with RG for 4′ door units or smaller

7-lite with GBGs for 5′ door units or larger

7-lite with RG for 5′ door units or larger

Updated on May 15, 2021

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