Steel Doors

Steel doors are an economical choice when a budget directs the buying process. They are manufactured with either a wood or steel edge.

Wood Edge

Wood edge steel doors include the Profiles™ and Traditions lines from Therma-Tru®.
Wood Edge

Profiles Steel Door

The Profiles collection is the standard steel door offering. It couples distinctive style with affordability. Its 24-gauge zinc-coated steel surface is smooth, primed, and ready for paint. The panel has a triple shadow embossment providing a high definition sticking.
Profiles Collection Door
Panel Detail – Profiles

Traditions Steel Door

The Traditions collection is the commodity steel door option. It combines attractive designs and value-based options to create a great cost-conscious alternative. Its 25-gauge zinc-coated steel surface is smooth, primed, and ready for paint.
Traditions Collection Door
Panel Detail – Traditions


When it comes to gauges, the lower the gauge, the thicker the steel. Therefore, the Profiles collection at 24-gauge is slightly thicker than the Traditions collection. Both of these collections include a polyurethane core for insulation and the lock area of the door slab is reinforced with solid blocking for application of the keylock and deadbolt locks. Glass is available for both the Profiles and Traditions steel doors, however decorative glass is only available for Profiles steel doors.

Steel Edge

Steel edge steel doors are available in two options: Therma-Tru and Reeb Specialty Products (RSP). They are both constructed of 24-gauge steel with a full steel-edge perimeter creating a sturdier steel door. The lock area is reinforced with a composite lock block for better structural integrity and security for door hardware. These doors are insulated with a polyurethane core and are available with a 90-minute fire rating when used with a 90-minute fire rated frame. Some people prefer the metal edge construction for extra strength and rigidity. Note: Reeb no longer offers Therma-Tru steel-edge doors. This information will remain available as a reference.
Steel Edge


Steel doors are cost-effective and provide good insulation, however they can dent easily and are prone to rust in some exposures. Depending on the temperature outside, steel doors can be hot or cold to the touch.
Steel Door with Dent
Steel Door with Rust
They are a great choice for the house-to-garage door, especially if a fire rating is required. Check all local building codes to understand the fire ratings requirements.

Updated on July 14, 2021

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