Reeb Finish Paint System

Finishing components of a door unit separately produces much more consistent results than when finishing a pre-assembled door unit. Each step in the carefully controlled process is crucial to crafting the most authentic, longest-lasting finish possible.

Step 1 – Meticulous Preparation
Each door is carefully inspected and prepared for the painting process prior to entering the coating area. All components are wiped clean, glass is taped-off and edges are prepared to ensure proper base coat application.

Step 2 – Base Coat Application
All components are inspected a second time before receiving the base coat that will serve as the foundation of the door’s final color.

Step 3 – First Top Coat Application
The preliminary top coat seals the finish and enhances the color applied during the painting process, adding durability and sheen to the final product.

Step 4 – Second Top Coat Application
The second top coat further accentuates the unique beauty of the finished product and is essential to provide maximum durability and protection from the elements.

Step 5 – Assembly
The finished door components are inspected a third time to ensure accuracy and consistency. Any necessary touch-ups are applied and the door unit is carefully assembled and packaged for delivery.

Updated on April 11, 2022

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