Primed Stile and Rail Doors

Primed stile and rail doors are an ideal choice for homeowners seeking a clean look for their home. Primed Stile and Rail Doors are made up of multiple components which come together to create the final product.

Stile and Rails

The stiles and rails have a solid wood engineered core for added strength, stability, and reduced sound transmission. The core is covered with an MDF veneer which is permanently bonded to the core resisting dents, dings, and gouges and makes for a superior paint surface.

Solid Wood Engineered Core

Dowel Pins and Panels

The stile and rails are joined by dowel pins. In between the stiles and rail, there can be a flat or raised panel made of MDF for a smooth painted finish or there can be a glass element to allow natural light into the next room.

Dowel Pins

Sharp Details and Architecturally Correct

Primed stile and rail doors join components together to create sharp shadow lines. Each door is made with perfectly proportioned stiles, rails and panels that are created individually to ensure that every door is architecturally correct.


Recent developments within the millwork industry continue to strengthen the case for primed stile and rail doors, making them an excellent choice for discerning homeowners seeking increased strength, better durability, better aesthetics, and greater life expectancy at a similar price point to their molded door counterparts.

Updated on May 14, 2021

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