Ovation MDF Doors

Ovation doors are crafted from components made of medium density fiberboard. The wood- based material will not split or warp and provides a smooth paintable surface. The one piece face ensures no stile and rail separation. They are constructed with patented Integra-Lok stiles for maximum screw holding performance. Designs include a solid raised or flat panel designs. The Fiberfuse process bonds the pre-machined sheets into a layered composite under extreme pressure. Exterior grade type one glue is utilized for strength and durability.


  • 146 standard designs, plus custom flexibility
  • Integra-Lok wood edge for screw holding strength
  • Uniquely layered construction
  • Factory primed on all six sides, ready to start the finishing process
  • Made in the USA by proud American craftsmen
  • Limited Lifetime interior warranty

Ovation Door Profiles

Ovation Doors feature no, round, square, or ogee sticking. They can also include chalkboard, dry-erase or mirror sections as well as a glass entity.

No Sticking

Ogee Sticking

Round Sticking

Square Sticking

Chalkboard or Mirror on One Side

Chalkboard or Mirror on Both Sides

1/4″ tempered glass lite

1-3/4″ ovation (shown with 1/4 round sticking) – 1/4″ tempered glass lite

Bolection Molding

Ovation Doors have an option to include bolection moldings which are inlaid around the edge of the door panels. They are available as large or small.




Louvers are available in a venting or false louver option. The venting option allows for air flow, and will need to be specification as to where the blind side will be facing (towards the hinge side or the stop side).



Door Layouts

The Ovation Door is in the 7000 series.

Updated on May 14, 2021

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