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Larson Glass Options

Clear Glass

Larson’s Clear Glass is tempered and available with all Storm Doors except Secure-Elegance.

Double Bevel

The Double Bevel Glass is etched on one side of the glass for a more elegant look to your Storm Door. Stock models that use this glass include: Classic Elegance® EasyVent® Selection and Classic Elegance® Elegant Selection™.

Low-E Glass

High-performance glass offers better year-round insulation and reduces the harmful fading effect of the sun to protect your entry door and floor. Available with Classic Elegance Series.


KeepSafe Glass has a laminated security shield between two pieces of factory strengthened glass. When impacted, the broken glass clings to the laminated interlayer and remains intact. The glass is permanently affixed to the frame of the door so it stands up to repeated blows by blunt objects. Available with Secure-Elegance only.

Updated on May 15, 2021

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