Interior Door Edge

Interior doors are stocked both prefit and beveled and full and square.

Prefit and Beveled Doors

Pre-fit and beveled doors feature a 3 degree bevel on both sides and are 3/16” under nominal size.

These doors are pre-sized to Reeb’s standard interior opening and can be pre-hung as is.

Full and Square Doors

Full and square doors feature a 90 degree angle on the edges and measures exactly the nominal size.

These doors must be beveled in the door shop to match the size of the standard interior opening.

Application Importance

When ordering a pre-hung swinging unit, a bevel aids in a tighter seal because the door edge sitting against the stop needs space to clear the frame as the door swings open. Bringing in prefit doors helps to skip the beveling step.

Full and square doors have a square edge on the hinge side which is more consistent with an older home. Some people prefer full and square doors when creating a bypass, barn door, or pocket door application.


Not all of Reeb’s locations stock both pre-fit or full and square doors. Each location stocks one or the other due to the demands of the market in that area. If ordering a non-market specific door type, there may be an additional lead time for transfer of the items.

Doors Only

When ordering a door-only for replacement, it is important to check the size of the door first. If the door is exactly a number of inches, (for example 36″) then it is most likely full and square. If the door measurement ends in 13/16″, then it is most likely pre-fit and beveled. Check with your local representative to ensure you are receiving the correct sized door for your need.

Updated on August 2, 2021

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