Fire Door Labels

Reeb® is transitioning to new fire labels in order to meet the current industry standard required by Intertek. The first part of the transition went into effect March 28th while other changes will go into effect later this year.

20-Minute Fire Labels

The 20-minute fire labels, which are made of a metal material, now indicate both the pressure rating (neutral and positive) and the hose stream rating (with or without). On March 28th Reeb transitioned to using the new 20-minute neutral pressure labels, meaning now there will be one rated with hose stream and one rated without hose stream.

  • The 20-minute neutral pressure without hose stream label is applied to the Therma-Tru fiberglass fire doors, the Therma-Tru steel fire Doors, and the residential flush 20-minute fire doors.
  • The 20-minute neutral pressure with hose stream label is applied to the Simpson fire doors and to the Steves molded fire doors.

Hose Stream Test

After a door goes through the 20-minute burn test, the door is hit with cold water that is the pressure of a fire hose.

If after this, the door remains intact and locked in the frame, it passes and will have the with hose stream label. Otherwise the door will need the without hose stream label.

90-Minute Fire Labels

The 90-minute fire labels, which are made of a mylar material, transitioned to a new looking label. On March 28th we started using the new neutral pressure label on the RSP steel edge fire doors. Nothing with the doors or process is changing.

Additional Notes

The RSP primed fire doors will continue to be labeled as they have been. The commercial fire doors will not change at this time.

Updated on May 10, 2022

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