Note: Reeb no longer offers EzyJamb. This article will remain available as a reference.

EzyJamb is a trimless door frame which wraps the drywall during framing and, when mudded and painted, blends seamlessly with the wall. This frame system is installed prior to the wall being finished so the frame becomes part of the wall, eliminating any door unit and wall separation. The EzyJamb system does not need casing applied to complete the unit allowing for a stream lined, contemporary look.

Unfinished Wall with Screw Flange

Finished Wall (Mudded and Painted)

EzyJamb is a 20 gauge pressed metal frame made from A-60 Galvanealled Steel. Due to The unique construction of the frame uses the frame to support the hinges and the hinges to support the door. Due to this, if desired, a floor to ceiling door is possible by omitting the head jamb.

All EzyJamb frames need to be field installed. Hinge options are available in an Architectural Square Corner or a Roc-York Invisible Hinge option.

Updated on October 15, 2021

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