EzyJamb Classic Adjust Door Frame

Note: Reeb no longer offers EzyJamb. This article will remain available as a reference.

The Classic Adjust Door Frame, also known as EZC, is a two piece jamb system, which has the hinge/strike jambs as well as a closure or reveal. This two piece construction allows for a 3/8” adjustment between the two parts. The hinge/strike portion is construction with a built in stop, similar to a flat jamb with a stop attached. The standard prep on the strike will work with a standard t-strike from any hardware box, but EZY Jamb manufactures their own with a lower profile as the frame itself does not require casing. A standard t-strike utilizes casing in the field.

Jamb Sizes

A typical jamb is for a 4-5/8” wall thickness, giving a 7/8” reveal. With the 3/8” adjustment possible, this frame can accommodate a 4-1/4” – 4-5/8” wall thickness as a base version. An additional closure package can accommodate up to an 8-1/2” wall thickness.

Hinge Options

There are two different type of hinge options. The first option is an architectural 4” x 4” hinges. For these, either Bommer or Emtek hinges will need to be included in the order. For architectural hinges, 6/8 and 7/0 will have 3 hinges while the 8/0 will have 4 hinges. The second option is concealed hinges, utilizing RocYork hinges. For the concealed hinges, all doors, 6/8, 7/0, 8/0, will have 3 hinges.

Door Options

All doors must be 1-3/4” thick and the door must be beveled, 1 side or 2 sides, with a high side of the bevel 3/16” undersized from the full width of the door. The architectural hinges can be used with any type of door except for HC doors. The concealed RocYork hinges can be used with Stave Core/Wood Core doors and anything Stile and Rail. PC doors are not available for Roc-York Hinges because the PC core is not dense enough for screw holding power.


The frame and door will be separate items. The frame back will have the strike leg, hinge leg, and the header as well as the closure. If a larger wall thickness is needed, another package will be necessary which contains the larger closure.

The door will ship depending on the hinges used. For architectural hinges, the hinges will be installed on the door before it leaves Reeb and wrapped together for safe transit. For the concealed hinges, the door will be prepped by a machine at Reeb, but will not be applied and instead shipped lose as a loose item.

Additional Items

In addition to the frame and door, the following items can be ordered and will be shipped loose:

  • T-Strike (Latch Plate)
    • The strike prepped on the door is slightly shorter in depth than a standard one because the frame components that would standardly wrap around the frame are omitted. The strike plate in a handleset box may not fit, so this latch plate can be ordered separately to fix that issue.
  • Dust Box (Latch Plate Insert)
    • The dust box will be installed behind the strike to catch dust preventing it from going between the frame and studded wall.

Updated on October 15, 2021

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