Cylindrical Locks

Cylindrical locks are the most common lock type available typically used in a single or double bore application. These locks are installed into a hole, or bore, that is cut in the face of the door while a latch bolt is installed into a bore on the edge of the door, commonly referred to as the edge prep of the door. This type of lock has a quick and easy installation process.

Parts and Pieces of Cylindrical Lockset

A Knob and Lever Cylindrical Lockset in a Door

Cylindrical locks can be used for exterior or interior doors. They are available with either a knob or lever to open and close the door. At times, lever handlesets will be handed so it is important to ensure the lever handing is correct.

Click here to access leverset handings for Cylindrical Locks.

Some of the locks have the ability to be used for both 2-3/8” and 2-3/4” backsets depending on how the door was machined.

2 3/8″ (60mm)

2 3/4″ (70mm)

Updated on May 14, 2021

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