How to Remove Glazing Compound

Gregg Hoyer demonstrates how to remove glazing compound from exterior wood doors, the proper tool to use, and which tools to avoid.


Exterior wood doors that have glass also have glazing compound.  That glazing compound waterproofs the glass to the wood parts. Properly done, we expect to see some excess glazing compound squeeze out around these edges.  We have to remove that before we put the finish on the door or we’re going to get a very poor finish.

Two mistakes that people use, is trying to use a razor knife and a razor scraper, so we’re going to put these away.  The proper tool to use is an awl.  An awl is round, it’s very, very safe to the door.  It also creates a good transition for the glazing compound.  And to remove this all we need to do is press the awl firmly in against the glass itself and run right around the edge of the glazing bead or the sticking.  It can be very frustrating trying to use any other tool ‘cause it’ll take a long time, you’ll likely damage the door – you might even hurt yourself.  As you can see, this removes the compound clean, simply.  I did that light pretty quickly while I was talking.  You can do a door like this in a few minutes.

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